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– If you would like to talk or ask about a specific coin or token, please do so by commenting in our weekly poll post where we try to centralize the discussion about various coins. This to prevent clogging the discussions feed with endless posts like “how about XYZ coin?”. This also counts for questions like “Should I buy/sell …”; these posts also will be declined. For investment advice we recommend that you consult a professional investment adviser.
– Links to videos/articles are allowed if you’ve written a short summary about the content and your point of view/question about it in your post preferably in at least 2-3 sentences.

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– Stay respectful, no trolling
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– Always do your own research and don’t take people’s word for truth
– Don’t ever invest money that you can’t afford to lose!
– Please report rule-breakers to mods
– Please INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS that are looking to get started or are already interested in this space as well!

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