Should you use a different email address for crypto activities?

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Adriaan Admin

Staff member
Jan 30, 2018
The answer is: a wholehearted YES!

  • You should not use any email address for any cryptocurrency related activity (like for example exchange accounts) that you also use for other purposes and that is known to others.
  • Don't reveal your crypto address to others.
  • Keep your crypto address fully separated from your regular email address (don't use as recovery address) and definitely use a different password!
  • Preferably create multiple email addresses for crypto activities (for example in case of more accounts on different exchanges)
  • AND use yet another separate email address for all other (less trusted) crypto activity like (newsletter) subscriptions, ICO's, Airdrops, any other crypto service accounts, whitelisting etc. DO NOT use your regular personal email or exchange accounts email for these things.