I didn't realize all the bans would have this much effect

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New member
Jun 7, 2018
What with google, twitter, faceburg and whoever banning all the pump and dump coins it does appear to be having quite an impact on btc and other top crypto. I never got into all those ico as I looked at so many as scams and being the exact opposite of what btc was meant to be but this has changed things quite a bit. I'm not banging the drum saying btc is dead like I'm seeing all over the Internet lately (people have a lot of hate) but due to me not completely understanding the ico market entanglement with btc I misjudged

Adriaan Admin

Staff member
Jan 30, 2018
I don't think the google, twitter and faceburg bans have affected the non-ico crypto market as a whole. Other factors were at play and the market was due for a severe correction after the whole market became hyper extended due to the insane hype, indeed partly caused by ICO's as well. I think the advertisement bans moreso were a consequence than a cause of the bear market. As we see those big companies are already allowing ads again, but will just have stricter policies to prevent as much pure scam ads as possible, which seems fair imo.