How to mine less than 12,5 Btc??

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New member
Jun 7, 2018
How is it possible to mine only 1 or 2 Btc if the reward for one block is 12,5 Btc? I don't think one can mine a half block or less..
Can someone explain this to me?

Adriaan Admin

Staff member
Jan 30, 2018
The reward is always the same amount (currently 12.5) Btc per block and there is no such thing as a half block; there either is a block or there isn't a block. And the reward also doesn't change if the block is full or half empty.

If miners get a lower reward, that usually means that they have committed their mining equipment to a mining pool. The whole pool will then get the 12.5 btc, which will be divided among the pool participants relative to their committed hash power.

Hope that answers and clarifies your question.