Can you imagine a world without Google or YouTube? No? Well, neither can I. But that is the very world Tron wants to create. Tron’s vision is to construct a worldwide, free content entertainment system using blockchain and distributed storage technology. Using this distributed protocol, creators will be able to share their content directly with consumers cutting out heavyweight middlemen like Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook.


Token Symbol: TRX
Number of Coins: 100,000,000,000
Mining algorithm: Token is not mined, but runs on the Ethereum platform
Type Token: ERC20
Type of cryptocurrency: token


Tron provides a platform to restore the control, management, and monetization of content back to creators. Currently, most content created on the internet is forced to use Google, Apple or YouTube. If creators want to make money from their content, the sites decide how much they will pay for the creator’s content. Additionally, they can also choose to censor content. Tron eliminates the middleman, by allowing users to upload their content directly to the Tron blockchain, and get paid directly based on how viral the content becomes.

According to the whitepaper, “The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store and own data, and in the decentralized autonomous form, decides the distribution, subscription, and push of contents and enables content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.”

Tron Platform

TRX can be viewed as an “exchange” currency on the TRON protocol blockchain. There will be many companies built on the TRON blockchain that will use their own individual company crypto coins, but TRX will be intertwined as the mediator between all of them.

The exchange of data will be facilitated by TRONIX, the token of the TRON network. The Tron 20 token allows individual content owners to make custom coins on the platform.

Progress and Roadmap for Tron

Recently, Tron has generated some buzz in the world of crypto. It was just listed on Bittrex, which is one the world’s largest exchanges, and the technical team shared that they will be accelerating the launch of the main net from July 1 st to May 31 st .

Tron has a long-term roadmap that consists of multiple phases. The phases begin with Exodus, which began in 2017 and the final phase, Eternity, will begin in 2023. The phases represent the key features of Tron:

  • Exodus: The free platform for peer-to-peer distribution, storage and content facilitates data liberation.
  • Odyssey: Economic incentives put in place to encourage content creation and empowerment
  • Great Voyage: Individual ICO capabilities
  • Apollo: Ability for content producers to issue personal tokens (TRON 20 Token)
    The final phases, Star Trek and Eternity, will continue to decentralize the gaming industry. They will allow developers to build gaming platforms freely, and then achieve monetary incentives for the games established.


Noteworthy partnerships for Tron include:

oBike – On December 26, 2017, Tron announced its partnership with oBike, a multinational bike-sharing company that operates across 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia. oBike will have its own form of currency called “oCoin” that will be used on the Tron protocol platform and transferred into TRX before and after transactions. – Tron has partnered with, to create Pets Planet/Love.Pet! They are hoping to introduce their technology in a fun way to the masses, similar to Ethereum’s enormously popular CryptoKitties.

GlobalSocialChain(GSC) – Tron will build a strategic partnership with GSC. In the future, Tron will provide GSC with funding, technology and infrastructure. GSC will provide access to over 120 million users of social and streaming platforms to the Tron network.


Justin Sun is the highly visible CEO and founder of Tron. He is very accomplished to be only 27 years old. He is the former chief representative of Ripple China and founded Peiwo app dubbed China’s Snapchat. His mentor is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.

Lucien Chen is the CTO. He was formerly worked for Netease, Qqihoo 360, and Tencent. He has rich experience in big data, advertising algorithms, DMP system, DT system and high concurrent system framework design. He supported and invested in Bitcoin in the early stages.

Tron is supported by top Chinese developers, Maorong Lin and Xiadong Xie and is backed by high profile business community leaders including Hitters Xu (founder of Nebulas), Dai Wei (CEO of OFO bike) and Tang Binsen (founder of mobile game Clash of Kings), and many more.


All applications and partnerships on the TRON platform will allow for native, individual coin usage because all transactions on the protocol will be turned into TRX automatically before processing and transferred back to their user in the appropriate coin. This will allow TRON to host many different company’s coins, while at the same time, allowing them to interact with each other without the extra hassle of having the user constantly switching between different coins.

Tron is listed on many of the most popular exchanges, such as Bitfinex,, and Bittrex.

Tron supports JAVA and the JAVA community is substantial, so they will be able to join the TRON community freely.


One area of concern for Tron would be the length of time before there is a product available for users. Their roadmap is considerably lengthy, compared to other projects.

In addition, there have been several accusations of Tron’s whitepaper being plagiarized, which has led to skepticism about the project’s integrity among crypto investors. Lastly, Justin Sun, the media-savvy founder of Tron, has a reputation for overstating potential partnerships to create hype to drive up the value of Tron. He is active on social media and has been accused of artificially pumping the coin price and failing to deliver on the Alibaba partnership after dropping several clues about its potential.


Tron is still in the early stages of development, but it has the backing of a large number of influential, investors from China. A project of this magnitude has the ability to disrupt the entire digital content and entertainment industry. It is an ambitious project which would do exactly what blockchain technology was created to do, decentralize the internet and empower the masses. If Tron delivers according to its roadmap, it will definitely silence its skeptics and become a major force in the world of blockchain.

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