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Top Resources to Expand Your Crypto Knowledge

by | Feb 21, 2018

Now more than ever, the cryptocurrency and blockchain field is booming with resources for you to explore and dive into. What sites and media should you focus on enjoying as you learn more about this exciting, burgeoning space?

We have selected some of our favorite resources for you to explore – 6 YouTube channels, 6 news sites and 4 documentaries. Check them out below to and learn about the kinds of materials you can expect from each. Enjoy!

YouTube Channels

For quick crypto news updates: Crypto TipsWith 4-5 videos per week, Heidi of Crypto Tips creates bite-sized videos about 5 minutes in length covering up-to-date crypto trends and news. She also features hour-long interviews with crypto start-up founders and traders. Heidi films her videos from her travels across the world, making her channel unique and refreshing.

For commentary from one of Bitcoin’s first advocates: Andreas AntonopoulosAndreas was an early influencer in the crypto world and began spreading the “bitcoin gospel” as early as 2012. Now, he travels the globe as a famed expert in the space, advising governments and companies on how to work with blockchain going forward. He also writes for various online outlets and appears on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast format the BTCMedia network. On his YouTube channel, Andreas posts at least 2-3 times per week that cover current topics in cryptocurrency, including many detailed Q&A videos which are perhaps his most valuable videos of all.

For interviews and market updates: Crypt0. Don’t be fooled by the early video game and jazz piano uploads on this channel! Starting in June 2016, Omar Bham (aka Crypt0) began as an early crypto influencer, posting detailed commentary on the crypto world with a focus on Ethereum (after all, he is an Ethereum miner). Since then, Cypt0 has become a hub for news and market updates. Omar has also been able to provide access to excellent interviewees, including Chris Housser of Polymath, Bryan Doreian of PIVX, and Dr. Moe Levin of Keynote at various high profile Blockchain conferences.

For breakdowns of cryptocurrency technology: Ivan on TechIvan Liljeqvist is a Stockholm-based software developer on a mission to make sure that people truly understand blockchain technology. After all, whenever you purchase a coin, you are making an investment in the technology behind that cryptocurrency, and sometimes it can feel overly complicated. Ivan provides detailed videos explaining different blockchain technologies, including the value of Ethereum, how smart contracts are written, and how to identify crypto scams. Ivan even breaks down the code behind every technology he features. His channel isn’t to be missed.

For beginner friendly breakdowns: Bitcoin for BeginnersWith honest and accessible videos, you can expect to learn a lot from our team here at Bitcoin for Beginners via our YouTube channel. Along with sharing information about currencies and ICOs, we’ll introduce you to the latest and greatest tools in the space including wallets, apps, and exchanges. We also provide context for scams to keep you safe. Bitcoin for Beginners hosts regular livestreams providing commentary on news and updates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. You may even win some Ethereum if you win the trivia game at the end of the livestream events!

For videos on altcoins and more: Altcoin Buzz. As its name suggests, Altcoin Buzz is mostly focused on various altcoins in the cryptocurrency world. The channel also provides viewpoints on economic implications of cryptocurrency. These videos include commentary on crypto tax misconceptions, market trends, and ways to improve income inequality using crypto. Altcoin Buzz also has a great podcast and a fun presence on Instagram with hilarious cryptocurrency memes to enjoy.


For detailed news and op-eds: With a print version to supplement its online presence, Bitcoin Magazine has a prominent presence in the cryptocurrency media world. The outlet’s articles are extremely thorough and include intense primary research from article authors and editorial teams. Content includes news on regulation, mining, technology, investing, and of course a wealth of cryptocurrency op-eds.

For blockchain technology-focused news: Outside of cryptocurrencies and trading, there is a whole universe of blockchain technology applications. This news site is dedicated to exploring these use cases across healthcare, media, trade, and government. Distributed also puts on a number of events around the globe, and by signing up for their email list, you receive special access to conference discounts.

For up-to-date information on currency prices: coinmarketcap.comAs the “go-to” resource for coin/token price and trading information, this site is simple and easy to use. Mimicking the trading sites of many traditional assets, you can use this resource to pull a lot of data on given currencies across time and asset classes.

For an all-encompassing news site on digital currency: Overwhelming as the site may be, Bitcoinist has it all. The site includes news, ICO coverage and countdowns, interviews, press releases, op-eds, event calendars, and even games that you can pay to play with cryptocurrency. One downside of the site is that it has a lot of sponsors and advertisements, so just be wary of this.

For an open dialog news platform for all things blockchain: Striving to be a site for open dialog, Coindesk’s editorial is crafted by business leaders, regulators, technologists, and academics. The diversity of voices making for a diverse and lively platform. Coindesk does an especially good job of covering up-to-date news on regulation and governments.

For international news and beyond: cointelegraph.comAside from the fact that the site has unique and artistic article thumbnails, CoinTelegraph has some of the most comprehensive coverage of international regulation and news in the cryptosphere. The site also provides detailed coverage of altcoin trends and cryptocurrency markets.

For blockchain project analysis and interviews: This community’s no-nonsense approach to cryptocurrency analysis started off as a response to all of the low-quality content the founders saw in the crypto space. Coin Crunch has a large community of crypto investors as well as quality blockchain project reviews and interviews with various teams in the space.


For basic understanding of what is Bitcoin and its history (83 minutes): Banking on BitcoinThis Netflix documentary will explain how Bitcoin works, its short and turbulent history, the players in the infrastructure and how it is the most disruptive technology since the invention of the internet. Also it goes into the epic battle that has been and is playing out between a new economic system and traditional capitalism.

For a Bitcoin documentary about the history, ideology and internal politics of early Bitcoin (35 minutes): The Bitcoin Phenomenon. This film that was made for is a collection of interviews with big influencers of the Bitcoin industry: former lead developer, a venture capitalist, other early bitcoin entrepeneurs, head of Bitcoin Foundation and more.

For an explanation about the essence of Bitcoin and the future of its revolution (55 minutes): Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution. Journeyman Pictures has produced this excellent recent documentary about how Bitcoin is more and more changing how people are thinking about money and where this revolution may take us. Roger Ver (early Bitcoin Investor and Entrepeneur), Max Wright (Writer), Tone Vays (Bitcoin Trader), Garrett DeRossett (cryptocurrency miner), Jonathan Hope (Technologist and Computer Scientist) and more.

For different viewpoints on the potential of Blockchain Technology (31 minutes): The Blockchain and Us. Documentary maker Manuel Stagars made this award winning film about Bitcoin and the underlying technology called blockchain and what it may mean for the future and daily life in society. Hear people from the blockchain industry share their views, opinions and what drives them to be part it.

What do you think of this list? What excellent resources are you sure to never miss an update from? Let us know!


This article was written to the best of our knowledge with the information available to us. We do not guarantee that every bit of information is completely accurate or up-to-date. Please use this information as a complement to your own research. Nothing we write in any of our articles is intended as investment advice nor as an endorsement to buy/sell/hold anything. Cryptocurrency investments are inherently risky so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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