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Can I buy less than one Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

by | Dec 17, 2017

Most of the time, yes. Most coins or tokens are divisible, and you can buy any fraction you could possibly want. You can buy/sell/send 0.1234 Bitcoins, or 5.9823 Ethers, or just a simple 0.5 of either! The smallest unit of Bitcoin is referred to as a “satoshi;” there are 100 million satoshis in 1 Bitcoin.

However, some coins are NOT divisible – NEO is a really popular example. In the exchanges that offer NEO trading you actually can trade for fractional amounts, but when you send your coins to your NEON wallet it must be a whole number, or else the fractions will be lost. The formula you to follow is:

Amount of NEO to withdraw – Exchange withdrawal fee = Whole number amount of NEO

Here is that formula with some numbers plugged in, to illustrate:

5.25 (NEO to withdraw from the exchange) – 0.25 (fee) = 5 (the amount that will appear in your wallet)

Even though you can usually purchase less than one coin, there are some important considerations when deciding how much to trade:

  • There may be a minimum trade value. For example, an exchange may not let you trade for < .001 Bitcoin.
  • There may be a minimum deposit amount. For example, an exchange may not let you deposit less than $5 USD.


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