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Personal Tutoring: Custom Session


  • Choose your own topic and/or questions
  • One of our specialized Instructors will guide you in this one-on-one session
  • Inform us beforehand on the topic/questions by filling in the comment box of the booking form for the appointment
  • Mining related topics are not available yet
  • Minimum internet speed requirement on your device for this live tutoring session is 5 Mbps
  • Please check your internet speed with this link before booking


Kitztrading Investment Course


  • Our resident professional trader, Frank Huysmans, offers his “Kitztrading Blue Chip Crypto Investment” course for a very affordable price
  • Including a model portfolio
  • Learn the fundamentals of becoming a savvy, self-sufficient crypto investor
  • Various Technical Analysis techniques
  • Risk management strategies to minimize losses in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market
  • This service is independently offered by Kitztrading Crypto Investment Club

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