About Us

Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related technology will disrupt many different industries around the world in the coming years. Our mission is to help everyone who is interested in this space get the resources they need to get started. We are a global team that strives to build a trusted platform that will one day be a household name.

Kevin Ting


Fan of smart contracts and the technical aspects behind blockchain. Favorite coins are Ethereum and IOTA. Looked into Bitcoin years ago during grad school but didn’t start investing until 2017. Has a background in engineering and technology, based in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Adriaan Addink

Head of Operations

Fan of high market cap currencies (especially Bitcoin and Ethereum), the initial coin offering phenomenon and the philosophy behind Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology! Background in retail investment banking, insurance, consulting and start-ups.

Stephen Cook

Head of Communications & Partnerships

Believes that in the future, cryptocurrency will impact lives all around the world. Began investing in 2017, and is dedicated to teaching people about cryptocurrency. A long-term resident of the Big Island of Hawaii, with experience as a pharmacy educator, record label owner, and IT entrepreneur.

Espen Olsen

Head of Community

Likes how crypto combines the goal of decentralization with personal finance. Fascinated by all the different altcoins/ICOs out there, and can’t wait to see how they will coexist with more established coins in the future. Based in Oslo and runs a film production company!

Laura Guy

Editor in Chief & Special Initiatives

Giddy for a future supported by blockchain technology. Began reading, learning, investing and subsequently getting obsessed by cryptocurrency in 2017. Totally regretting not having taken the plunge sooner. A freelance attorney based in sunny Florida living the dream.

Farooq Ahmed

Head of Web Development/Design

Obsessed with cryptocurrencies, started investing in late 2016. Also the Chairman of “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan” that supports the growth of Bitcoin and blockchain companies via their network. Owns a web development & design firm, based in Lahore, Pakistan.